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*After Rachel Left || Brotana 

  • CHARACTERS → Santana Lopez & Brody Weston
  • LOCATION → Bakery
  • WHEN → March 3, 2013
  • NOTES → After Rachel leaves the bakery, Brody and Santana continue their taste testing, and possibly a bit more {OOC; again, with the original title.}


As Santana moaned out that she loved this cake, Brody had to smirk. He wasn’t sure if the moans that she was giving were from his actions or from the cake that was absolutely delicious. On his other side he heard a beep and suddenly Rachel was getting up and getting ready to leave. He turned his head to kiss her but she just waved and left the store. He watched her leave with a slight frown. Turning his attention to Santana he said, “I don’t think bringing her here was the best idea. We probably should have done this alone.” As he said alone, he moved his hand to rub her thigh again and he winked. Quickly picking up a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and strawberries, he brought it to them. “Might as well keep tasting, even though the last one was delicious.” Brody was attempting to carry on as if Rachel had not stormed out of there like the diva that she was. He just wanted to enjoy the rest of this day, with or without his fiancé. 

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