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*The Aftermath || Brotana 

  • CHARACTERS → Brody Weston & Santana Lopez
  • WHEN → March 31, 2013
  • WHERE → Santana’s Apartment
  • NOTES → Still angry over the fact that Rachel cheated on him as well, Brody goes back home to Santana for some fun and evil planning.


Brody was still fuming over the fact that not only had Rachel slept with Finn, and both of them had tried to tell him that it was wrong, but also she was knocked up. Part of him wanted to scream it from the rooftops that Rachel Berry was pregnant. Then, when questions asked about him being a father surfaced, say that he didn’t know a thing about it. But he was sneakier than that. No, he wouldn’t tell anyone, but rather let her explain it when her bump got too big to hide anymore, or when she had to leave Broadway.

He shook his head and checked out of the hotel, and walked back to Santana’s place. He didn’t want to be near Santana yesterday because a) he was still extremely mad and b) it was his supposed to be wedding day. He didn’t want to deal with anything. Walking in the brisk air, he arrived back at his new place. He smiled at the thought of getting to fuck Santana. God how he had missed her the past few nights, but he was too afraid of his words. It wasn’t that he would punch her, but he was afraid that he would let slip Rachel’s condition.

Walking into the house he dropped his bag and removed his shoes. He walked towards their bedroom while removing his shirt. “Juliet? Where you at?” He called out through the house, hoping to find her and make sweet love to her soon.

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